6th IRR RetroRunning World Championship

14.-17.7.2016 in Essen, Germany

Competition Rules and Conditions of Participation

Competition rules and conditions of participation to the 6th IRR World Championship in RetroRunning [1]

14th-17th July 2016 in Essen / Germany


1. Start Authorization

All individuals are admitted to the International Retro Runner (IRR) World Championship. The participants confirm their registration by their medical fitness and accept the disclaimer (see item 13 of these Competition Rules). The nationality and age are checked using a valid photo ID on the spot.


2. Start and run direction

During the retrorunning competitions the athletes have to move backwards. The toes have to show during the competition in opposite direction of the running direction. Support from a forward-moving companion is not allowed. The organizer reserves the right to allow escort runners in each individual case.


3. Running Track

During the 100 m, 200 m, 400 m and 4 x 100 m competitions, the athletes have to run in their assigned tracks. Who unduly leaves the track and / or other interferes with other athletes, will be disqualified. In the distances 800 meters and 4 x 400 m, the athletes will have to run in their assigned track and are allowed to use the inside lane only after a part of the distance has been completed. The length of this subsection shall be notified to the runners before the start at the race briefing. For distances over 800 meters, all athletes are entitled to use directly after the start the inside lane.


4. Fair Play Rules

Athletes who are overtaken or surpassed, are obliged to make way to a faster athlete and switch to the outer rail. Violations can lead to disqualification.


5. Starting Line

At the start, the heels of the athletes may not touch or surpass the starting line. The athletes start from the high start. For competitions up to 400 meters, the athletes may also optionally use a starting block.


6. False Start

The first false start gets repeated. If there is subsequently another false start, the person who carried out the second false start will be disqualified.


7. Timing

The electronic timing is terminated upon reaching the back (shoulder height) at the level of the finish line.


8. Start number

The race number must be worn on the back.


9. Protection

For security reasons, each reverse runners are advised to wear protective gear (wrist and elbow pads, head protection). In case of accidents and injuries no liability claims or other claims may be asserted (see item 13 of these Competition Rules) against the organizer.


10. Jersey

The athletes start if possible with shirts in the national colors.


11. Medal authorization

The three best in each category and discipline obtain a medal. Other awards, certificates and possible prizes are determined by the organizer.


12. Title

The union IRR (International Retro Runner) gives the winner of each race the title of "World Champion".


13. Disclaimer

(1) The organizer is not liable for organizational consequences of health risks of the participant. In particular, the participant confirms with his registration, to have tested his health conditions to participate on their own responsibility, possibly consulting a doctor and to take over the health risks of its participation.

(2) Is the organizational promoter in cases of force majeure (e.g. As official order, storm, terrorist threat, fire) entitled or even obliged to, for example for safety reasons, make changes in the realization of the event or to cancel the event, no entitlement to repayment of the participation fees or further compensation claims arise.


14. Schedule

The schedule will be announced by the organizer in time. The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule. These schedule changes will be announced on the event grounds. The participants have to be informed about possible schedule changes itself.


15. Data protection and privacy laws

(1) The participant agrees that the photos taken at the event in connection with his participation, film footage and interviews on radio, television, Internet (e.g. websites, Social media, live streaming) or print media (e.g. on posters, flyers, program booklet) may be spread without fees and published.

(2) The organizational organizer stores and processes personal data specified by the participant when registering for purposes of implementation and management of the event. This is especially true for the data necessary for payment processing and communication.

(3) The participant explicitly agrees with the publication of name, first name, gender, age group, place of residence, club, start number, nationality and result (placings, times) in all event-related media (eg online media, live streaming, print, television) agree.


16. Changes

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to these Competition Rules.



[1] This is an unofficial translation of the original German document. In all cases the German version is binding.




Copyright © 1. RetroRunning-Club Deutschland e.V., 2015