6th IRR RetroRunning World Championship

14.-17.7.2016 in Essen, Germany

Half Marathon Venue - Zeche Zollverein

As a special highlight of the upcoming world championship, the half marathon on Sunday, July 17, will take place on the compound of the UNESCO World Heritage "Zeche Zollverein", a former coal mine and one of the largest in Europe! Thus, you will truly breathe the famous industrial history of Essen and the Ruhr area - Europe's cultural capital in 2010. Today, the Zeche is key representative for the region's ongoing structural change developing from an industrial to a cultural place hosting museums, cafés, and other recreational sites.


For further information on the Zeche Zollverein, visit their website or download their flyer (PDF).


The race starts at 9:30am and the track follows a 2 km course along the former coking plant, which the athletes run back and forth ten times. A map illustrating the course and showing directions is shown below.

© Jochen Tack / Stiftung Zollverein

© Frank Vinken / Stiftung Zollverein

directions to half marathon (click to enlarge)

© Jochen Tack / Stiftung Zollverein

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