6th IRR RetroRunning World Championship

14.-17.7.2016 in Essen, Germany

Press Articles

10.05.2016 - Reportage on World Championship in German magazin Running - Das Laufmagazin

In Deutschland geht es rückwärts vorwärts [PDF, in german]

"Everyone can run forward, but to run backwards at the same speed or as long as possible on two legs is a real challenge." A reportage of one of the largest German magazines on endurance sports Running - Das Laufmagazin about Retrorunning and the upcoming world championship.


01.06.2015 - Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ)

Rückwärtslauf-WM kommt 2016 – Fualsträwkcür in Essen

"Fringe sport celebrates big meeting at the sports facility in Stoppenberg next summer. We spoke to a runner from Essen." [in german]




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