6th IRR RetroRunning World Championship

14.-17.7.2016 in Essen, Germany


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You want to participate at the 6th IRR RetroRunning World Championship? Register here.


How to register:


  • Step 1: Read the conditions of participation
  • Step 2: Read this information on registration
  • Step 3: Fill out the registration form and send it
  • Step 4: Transfer participation fee


Participation Fee

The participation fee consists of a basic fee plus a fee for each race (maximum of 3 races). The basic fee depends on the time of registration:


01.03. - 31.03.2016:    15 € basic fee + 5 € per race

01.04. - 14.05.2016:    20 € basic fee + 5 € per race

15.05. - 30.06.2016:    25 € basic fee + 5 € per race

after 01.07.2016 and at the venue:

                           30 € basic fee + 5 € per race


(Example: If you register before March 31st and participate at the 800 m and 1.500 m, the participation fee is 15 € + 5 € + 5 € = 25 €).


Only the date is valid, on which the participation fee is credited to our account.


Kids / Youths (born 1998 und younger):

          5 € basic fee + 5 € per race


Paying the basic fee allows to participate at the half marathon (no additional costs).  The half marathon can be run in addition to the maximum of 3 races up to 10.000m, i.e. the half marathon can be the fourth race.


The payment of the basic fee includes a t-shirt.


Registration at the venue is possible up to 2 hours before the start of the race, and only possible if there is still free capacity at the race.



Registration for 100 m and 200 m only possible until Thursday, 8pm, and 400 m until Friday, 8pm! (online & on site) We need to plan if there are qualification races.


Bank Transfer

From July 9th on, please pay cash on site at the venue.



Relays have to be registered till Friday (15.07.2016), 8pm via email or at the venue in the competition office. We cannot guarantee a start for teams which register later.

  • For participants of the single competitions, starting at the relays is free of charge (no additional costs)
  • Participants who only start in the relays, have to pay 10€ per relay distance.
  • Kids / youth who only participate in the relay, pay 5€ per relay distance.


Change Of Distance

A change of distance is possible in the competition office up to 2 hours before the start of the two races.

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